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Web design

Using templates such as Wix and Squarespace, I have designed websites for brands that fit their needs and their personality. I create websites that suites the target audience's needs. The step by step process in creating a website is similar to creating an instagram template.




Research. Find websites of other organizations or freelancers in your field and see what they're doing right, or what could be improved upon. Remember, the goal is not to look like them, but to be inspired and create your own take on popular trends.


Create categories. When building a website, you have to think of how it will function. For example, if you run your own podcast, you would probably have a menu that includes: Podcast Episodes, Merchandise, Members Only, and About. Whereas a store based website would look much different from a podcast website. A store is inventory based and requires a lot more behind the scenes organization and structure, while also maintaining an eyecatching and intuitive design.


Design. When it comes down to the look and feel of the website, you always put the wants and needs of the customer or consumer over everything else. I keep this in mind when designing because sometimes the best looking layouts are hard to use or doesn't serve its proper function. Creating a website is an exciting process with a lot of feedback and focus groups, when possible, your end product is usually a website that customers want to spend hours on.